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Buckdesign Schneider Electric VSK
Minimal climate impact
Schneider Electric
In today's business arena, sustainability is no longer an option, but an absolute must-have. It is the backbone of success and the key to a positive long-term reputation. Schneider Electric understands this better than anyone and strives to be your ultimate digital partner for sustainability and efficiency. With their innovative approach, they integrate leading technologies and products at every stage of the lifecycle, enabling integrated business management across diverse industries. With Schneider on your side, sustainability becomes not just a goal, but a tangible reality for the future.
Boon Edam showroom - Buckdesign
Boon Edam
Boon Edam is celebrating their 150th anniversary with a grand opening of a brand new experience center, with a special visit from the king! We as Buckdesign are proud of our project where we gave the experience center a complete makeover. Boon Edam, world leader in security entrances, shows their dedication to innovation and sustainability with their new headquarters. By using various materials and techniques, we achieved a result we can be proud of!
Driven by passion and innovation, Biogen is leading the revolution in neurology research and development. Their mission is clear: to pioneer neurology and change lives. With dedication, scientific expertise and a willingness to take risks, they remain at the forefront of medicine development. With their modern facilities, the production of high quality medicines, quickly accessible to patients, ensures their success. At Biogen, making a difference is more than a mission; it is their passion.
Minimal climate impact
ES Master
Driven by passion for electric mobility, ES Master strives daily to make their range irresistible to consumers. Their dedication to innovation leads to groundbreaking gadgets, including their newest line of electric bikes! With a focus on electric fatbikes, e-steps and e-scooters, they are passionate about providing the most attractive options for consumers. Masters Expo, as Europe's premium business exhibition, welcomes over 40,000 visitors annually to discover the best in modern luxury and future-proof business!
Minimal climate impact
What a great day at the NSC congress in Den Bosch with Forliance and Greendutch! Proud to be there with our eye-catching stand. We not only made great contacts, but also met pleasant people. It seems that our efforts paid off. This day provided a fantastic opportunity to expand our network and have positive interactions.
Den Bosch
Buckdesign Soprema bouwbeurs
Minimal climate impact
The Bouwbeurs was a huge success, the platform in the Netherlands presenting the latest trends in the construction industry. Soprema, with its range of roofing membranes, insulation materials, liquid seals and other waterproofing and thermal performance products, is known for its commitment to sustainable solutions and environmentally conscious building practices. Together we share a common vision of sustainable business practices, and this is reflected in the eye-catching booth we created for Soprema! In addition to showcasing the latest roofing systems, they also organized inspiring coffee sessions to network with visitors. As an added surprise, visitors even got the chance to race in a Formula 1 car!
Buckdesign Selecta One IFTF
Selecta One
The Selecta Group is a world leader in the breeding, cultivation and marketing of innovative plants, both ornamental and functional. Their breeding activities include bedding and balcony plants, houseplants, perennials and cut flowers. With production sites and sales offices in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, they serve all relevant markets worldwide! Their products form the basis of a diverse and exciting range of plants and brands that together inspire and add value at all levels of the supply chain. Together with their customers and partners, they strive to make the world greener and brighter for everyone.
Buckdesign Tempel CWIEME
Tempel Steel
Founded in Chicago in 1945, Tempel is now a world leader in high-technology electrical steel solutions. With offices in Canada, Mexico, China, India and a European office, Tempel is constantly growing to manage global projects and better serve customers. At CWIEME Events 2023 in Berlin, the Tempel booth offers an immersive experience. Explore the extensive product range on the first floor, enjoy handcrafted coffee prepared by a barista, and upstairs are inspiring meeting rooms for conversations with business associates. Tempel represents innovation and sustainability, shaping the future of the electric steel industry. Welcome to the world of Tempel, where technology and sustainability come together for a bright future.
Buckdesign Hoogendoorn greentech
Hoogendoorn Growth Management is at the cutting edge of innovation in horticulture, where science and technology come together to unlock the full potential of every crop.As a global pioneer in horticultural automation, they strive to persuade growers to optimize their crops and maximize profits, all with minimal use of resources. Their mission is clear: grow smarter for a more sustainable future. At Hoogendoorn they go beyond automation; they create a breeding ground for blooming harvests and sustainable wealth. Welcome to the future of horticulture!
Buckdesign ferring DDD congres
Minimal climate impact
At Ferring, a biopharmaceutical pioneer, the focus is on pioneering pharmaceutical research, development and innovation. Their mission is clear: they strive to discover, develop and bring successful, reliable and innovative products to market. Like our daily commitment to sustainable business, they share the same values. At Ferring, they believe in creating products that make a substantial difference in the quality of life, from early childhood to old age.
Buckdesign Derse Edgio IBC
Dersē Edgio
Edgio unlocks the power of digital content, seamlessly connecting businesses with their customers and delivering an exceptional experience. From movies to live events, their solutions ensure fast and secure distribution, helping businesses not only grow but shine. Edgio is more than a link between content and consumers; they drive better business results. By maximizing the value of digital assets, improving security, refining customer experience and reducing operational costs, they open the doors to success for their clients.
Minimal climate impact
Together with TotalEnergies, we joined forces to create an unforgettable booth. Our goal: to create an environment where connection is key. We are proud to present a beautiful, multifunctional desk that is not only functional but also makes a statement, right in the middle of your booth!
Buckdesign Abbvie DDD congres
Minimal climate impact
AbbVie helps people with complex conditions with innovative medicines and related care solutions. Helping people be fit for work and personal life, AbbVie supports the need for sustainable care. They want to reduce their footprint and contribute to the transition to a climate-neutral healthcare system.
Buckdesign AvAir MRO
Minimal climate impact
At AvAir, they go beyond business; they create valuable partnerships. With decades of experience in the aviation aftermarket, they have learned that earning the trust of their customers is the key to sustainable success. Their reliability and honesty have attracted partnerships worldwide, allowing customers to benefit from an efficient sales process and excellent value. From trading parts to providing comprehensive inventory solutions, AvAir is poised to continue to transform the aviation industry for the next 20 years!
Buckdesign Big River Steel CWIEME
Big River Steel
In the constant search for progress within evolving industries, Big River Steel has not only attracted the best steel technicians, but also equipped them with the most advanced technologies. This visionary approach allows them to not only produce today's steel, but also anticipate the needs of the next decade. What sets them apart goes beyond the standards of an ordinary steel company.
Buckdesign Bravilor Bonamat Host
Minimal climate impact
Bravilor Bonamat
At HOST Milan, we made another impressive climate-neutral statement for Bravilor Bonamat. Discover their passion for sustainability and craft in every cup of coffee. A family-owned company with more than 70 years of history, they have evolved from a hospitality product wholesaler to become the specialist and manufacturer of filter coffee machines, espresso machines, coffee makers and hot water equipment.
Buckdesign CST The Tire
From exciting bike rides to challenging off-road adventures - CST Tires supplies reliable and durable tires worldwide. Their range is synonymous with innovation, quality and a limitless reputation. The driving force behind a wide range of tires for bicycles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and more. Their stand reflects the passion for innovation and quality that sets us apart worldwide.