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About OSPI

Designed here – Built there

Buckdesign has been a member of the OSPI network, short for Octanorm Service Partner International, since 2009. This network is the world's largest alliance of stand builders, with partners in over 140 cities across more than 40 countries. Our partners bring expertise that mirrors Buckdesign's high standards, and you can tap into this vast OSPI network through Buckdesign.


Your gateway to global stand excellence

The benefits

A few of the many benefits OSPI has to offer

Local production and rental materials
No transport costs, resulting in low CO2 emissions
Low or no costs for flying in a Dutch installation team
A contact person on-site or a local point for reaching out (as well during the exhibition)
Strong understanding of local regulations (no unexpected costs)
Guaranteed quality
No customs clearance required (OSPI partner can assist with customs procedures when necessary)
Option to store your belongings for the next event

Building stands while caring about the environment

Thanks to our global collaboration with local OSPI partners, our reliance on transportation is minimized. Even when our trucks are in use, the stands are constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion profiles from Octanorm, resulting in reduced fuel consumption due to their low weight. This significant weight reduction leads to a considerable decrease in carbon dioxide emissions.


Additionally, Octanorm products are renowned for their high quality and long lifespan, allowing for their repeated use across countless exhibitions. When these materials reach the end of their usable life, they are all recycled, ensuring 100% sustainability.

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