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Stand location: Taxi Expo - Utrecht
About the project

Make an impression, get connected!

Together with TotalEnergies, we joined forces to create an unforgettable booth. Our goal: to create an environment where connection is key. We are proud to present a beautiful, multifunctional desk that is not only functional but also makes a statement, right in the middle of your booth!


Customer focus

CO2 certificate

After calculating the CO2 emissions at this booth, there were 0.090 tonnes of CO2 left. We have compensated this with carbon credits.

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Minimal climate impact

Taylor Solar

Taylor, born from the innovative power of Eindhoven University of Technology, leads the revolution in solar technology worldwide. Equipped with cutting-edge electronics and software, they strive for technological perfection in close cooperation with leading partners. By offering their electronics to manufacturers and providing installers with gateways and software, they create a global impact. Their goal is clear: provide roof owners with groundbreaking solar technology that not only allows them to generate more energy, but also gives them instant insight into their system performance. In partnership with Sonnex, they are strengthening their position in the marketplace by integrating their technology with high-quality solar modules from trusted manufacturers.