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Green deal

The time has come to turn visions into facts and figures

With their “Green Deal”, the European Commission has set the goal to make the entire continent of Europe carbon-neutral by 2050. As such, it is no longer a matter of IF things will change, but more WHEN you will start to fall behind. As with any development, it only takes a small percentage of early adaptors to embed new ways of thinking, choosing, and acting into our society. We can already notice an uproar of interest in this subject with clients from very diverse branches. For many years, Buckdesign has been making sustainable business decisions for its own merits.Now the time has come to turn visions into facts and figures. In the summer of 2021, Buckdesign joined forces with renowned climate strategist Forliance to be able to start offering our clients CO2-neutral exhibition booths. One year later, we are ready to kick off our first climate-compensated projects.
How do we do it

The best way to design for sustainability is by starting the process with the end in mind

An exhibition booth is only in use for a few days, which could lead to large amounts of single-use items. To limit this, we adhere to the principles of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”:

We reduce the application of single-use items, by opting for modular, reusable systems for flooring, booth construction and counters
We choose products from recycled and recyclable materials if available
We rent our furniture and most AV systems so it gets the most (re)use out of its lifetime
We can design with reusability in mind; for future exhibitions or at the client’s HQ
We reduce CO2 caused by transportation, through critical decision making

After taking these precautionary measures to reduce the CO2 footprint of the booth, the remaining amount of carbon dioxide equivalent in tonnes is calculated.


Carbon calculator

In 2021, we formed a very nice partnership with Forliance. We made the software package which they use to calculate the CO2 emissions of business processes suitable for the stand construction industry. A very polluting industry, which we want to change. By continuously optimizing this process we are able to realize your stand with minimal climate impact. The remaining emissions we compensate with registered Forliance credits.

Visit Forliance website

carbon offsetting

In April 2022, Buckdesign purchased 316 Verified Carbon Units within the Verra “Verified Carbon Standard” Program.

These credits allow you to invest in projects that offset carbon dioxide
REDD+ project

“A Verified Carbon Unit is the equivalent of one tonne of carbon dioxide. It takes 15 to 83 trees (depending on the age, location of type of tree) to capture a tonne of CO2 in a year’s time.”

Our credits have been retired for use at the Pacajai REDD+ project; This project focuses on preventing deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest, allowing trees to keep growing and sequestering CO2. The Pacajai project owns and protects almost 150,000 ha – an area almost the size of London – of High Conservation Value rainforest in the Portel municipality in the region of Pará, Brazil. The Pacajai Project is going to achieve 3 main goals, such as fighting climate change, supporting economic development, and protecting the rights of local communities. Project partners work in trusted partnerships with over 6,200 Ribeirinhos river people that live and work within the project area. When we have completed the calculation for a project, we subtract the necessary credits from the total amount of Verified Carbon Units in our stock.


Through our compensation program, we strive to make better decisions with every project and to influence those around us to do the same. However; new facts about climate change and climate action emerge every day. It is important to be critical, but it is important to be positive as well.


Are you interested to find out more or do you have something to inspire us further?

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